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Logo of the company, consisted of flower of life and letters saying HARMONY, Personal Development Platform

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them"
 Dr. Albert Einstein

About the program "I Have a Problem"

Do you feel stuck in a situation that happened a long time ago, unable to let go of the grip that it has on you? Do you feel that if others in your life were just behaving differently, you will be a happier person? Then this program is for you!

This program does not offer you a magic wand to change people or circumstances in your life so that you can feel happier. It offers much more than that! It helps you to bring back the power to you, by accepting 100 % responsibility for what you see, feel or do. It helps you to change your life by changing the way you perceive certain situations or people.  

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This program is a friendly reminder that you are not a victim of your life circumstances, but you are in charge of your own happiness and peace of mind. The coach who will work with you is trained to guide you through a process of re-visiting the places of pain in your mind that you have carried with you for days, years or even decades.  

For greater flexibility and comfort, all sessions are held online, through Skype or other agreed medium.

For Whom is this Program?

This program is for those who have suffered enough!

We all want other people or circumstances to change so we can be at peace. Striving towards self-righteousness is a part of the human experience. It is only when we have suffered enough as a result of this need for self-righteousness that we open ourselves up to the possibility that there must be a different way to live this life. This is when personal development starts. This is where this program can be of help to you.

This program is an invitation to look within. The hostility and resistance you feel towards others and yourself might feel like a punishment, but they are not. They are here to help you grow. Are you ready to grow?

What can you expect?

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Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens.”

Carl Jung

The sessions are organised so that you can work to address a particular life situation that you hold on to. No matter if it’s something that is happening in your life presently or if it’s a situation from your past that still has its grip on you. It's time to give yourself peace of mind!


The coach you will be working with is trained to use a plethora of methods to help you bring clarity and new understanding.

The methods that will be applied include:

  • The Work of Byron Katie

  • The 6-step Forgiveness

  • Family Constellations

  • Guided visualizations

With Whom I will be Working?

Jasmina Risteska Kasprzykowski




Jasmina Risteska Kasprzykowski is born in Macedonia, 1979. She got her Master degree in International Human Resource Management at Kingston University in London.  


Her personal struggle with anxiety motivated her to learn more about the ways of the human mind. She completes a number of personal development training in Europe and worldwide, including Event Wise Personal Development Programme, SPARKS Transformational Personal Development Programme, The Work of Byron Katie, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Dreams Interpretation, Forgiveness as a Process, etc. 


In the last few years, Jasmina is regularly on relation London- Skopje, where she lives with her husband and works as a coach. 

Jagoda Risteska James

Jagoda Risteska was born on 07.02.1979 in Skopje. She completed her primary and higher education in Skopje, and finished her MSc in Business Psychology at the University of East London.

As a result of witnessing the suffering of other people and the need to respond differently to her own life challenges, Jagoda was inspired to attend a variety of personal development courses, including the Event Wise Personal Development Program in 2014 (The Netherlands), Choice in 2015 (The Netherlands), The Work of Byron Katie in 2016 (Germany), Family and Business Constellations in 2016 (The Netherlands), Coaching in 2017 (The Netherlands).



How much will it cost me?

The first introductory session is free of charge. This 45-minute session will allow you to meet the coach that you will be working with before you decide to work together. You can make your decision about joining this program after the initial session.


There are two possibilities to book "I have a Problem" sessions:


You can buy each session individually. The duration of each session is 60 minutes and cost 50 euros.


You can also choose to buy a package that includes 3 sessions. By purchasing the package in advance, you get a reduction in the total price of 150 euros, and you pay only 120 euros.


* Depending on the issue you want to work on, during the introductory session your coach will advise you which option will be most suitable for you.

During the booking process, please choose between these two available options


Individual Session


Package of 3 sessions 


Note: Booking and payment of sessions are done through an online system. If you encounter a problem when booking, please contact us at or on contact number +447709594093.

If you need to cancel your session please notify us at least 24 hours in advance otherwise it will be charged the total amount.





At Harmony, we aspire our programs to be available to everyone who feels they need them, including individuals who are not able to cover the costs by themselves. For this reason, on a regular basis, Harmony provides a partial or complete scholarship for a certain number of clients.  

If you think that this program is the right choice for you, and yet you are not financially able to cover the costs, we are encouraging you to fill in the scholarship application. Our team will review your application and give you feedback as soon as possible.

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