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Welcome to Harmony!

We are happy you have found your way to us. If you are reading this, it means that you have already started your search for a more peaceful and meaningful life. Congratulations! 

No matter what brought you to this place, a life struggle that shook you to your core or just a subtle nudging within you that was telling you "there must be a different way of living this life." You are in the right place! You are in the right place because it's not possible not to be.

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Everything in life starts with an idea! So it was for Harmony. But before the idea, there was a real-life struggle; long-standing battle with anxiety and panic attacks, angriness and blaming others, victimising ourselves and resisting the reality we used to live.

On our path of self-discovery, we encountered different teachings, people and experiences that taught us a lot! Over the last 10 years, we have trained extensively in a variety of psychological and spiritual practices worldwide.

What started out as a personal quest for a meaningful and happy life, continued as a way of supporting many others on their path of self-discovery. 

This support now gets a more beautiful form, through the Harmony Personal Development Platform. Harmony is the space where we share our whole knowledge and experience. The information that you will read on this platform and the programs that we offer are very intimate to us. They are an invitation to adopt a new way of life.

We invite you to work together with us in order to create the life we all deserve.

 Grow and Glow through Self-discovery!


Harmony Team

Five stones positioned one on top of another representing balance.


Anxiety Session

Whatever we focus on, it grows!

Are you focused on and worried about your future? Do your panic attacks convince you that you are dying, over and over again? Learn techniques to help you face your everyday anxiety and panic attacks. Find the reasons why anxiety has occurred in your life. Start to change from within, and you will notice how the reality you live changes.

I learned this, to help myself to get out of the labyrinth of my own fears.

You can do it as well!

I Have a Problem Session


The mind wonders, the heart knows!


Do you feel stuck in a situation that happened long ago, unable to let go of the grip that it has on you? Do you feel if others in your life were just behaving differently, you will be a happier person?

This program can help you to change your life by changing the way you perceive certain situation or people. It brings back the power to you, by accepting 100% responsibility for your own interpretations. 

Get in touch today and give yourself a chance to free yourself from the suffering and start living your life from a place of love.

Life Coaching


Happy Life is a Choice!

Have you ever had a conversation after which you have felt enriched with a new perspective and the world around you seemed to be fresher? Have you ever had a conversation after which you have felt empowered? 

Coaching is an art to unlock your personal potential to help you live the life you dream of. My job is to ask you the right questions, so you find your own answers and guide you in creating the life you deserve.

Get in touch today and give yourself a chance to witness the life you dream of with professional and heartfelt support.

Business Coaching

Success is a decision!


Do you have a business idea, but you lack clarity on how to proceed with it? Or maybe you are already running your business and want to expand it, create better business results or a healthier work environment for yourself and your employees?

Business coaching can help you with all of that! My job is to help you shed light on your business aspirations, so you can see yourself, your business and others more clearly.

Get in touch today and give a chance to yourself to be a more self-aware business person; give your business a chance to grow in the desired direction.