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What is Business Coaching?

Do you have a business idea, but you lack clarity on how to proceed with it? Or maybe you are already running your business and you want to expand it, create better business results or a healthier work environment for yourself and your employees.

Business coaching can help you with all of that! My job is to help you shed light on your business aspirations, so you can see yourself, your business and others more clearly.

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No matter if you are just starting your business from a scratch or you are an entrepreneur for many years already, you can benefit from business coaching.  Business coaching is meant to help you navigate through the complex business landscape by working simultaneously on two levels: 

Your Personal Potential 

  • Leverage your own strengths

  • Become aware of your weaknesses  

  • Align your personal and organisational goals


Business Environment

  • Identify the obstacles and barriers 

  • Develop an action plan

  • Strengthen business relationships


For greater flexibility and comfort, all sessions are held online, through Skype or other agreed medium.

Why Business Coaching works?

Business coaching helps you to become self-aware of your potential and limitations. We cannot change what we do not see. It gives you an objective eye on what you are doing to support your business goals and what is getting in your way. Your coach will help you keep on the right track towards the goals you have set, checking on your progress and giving you honest feedback.

You can benefit from business coaching only if you are open to growing. Regardless of your age or position in the organisation, only those who are willing to acknowledge the need to grow and build new understanding and skills can progress towards desired change.

With Whom Will I be working?

Jagoda Risteska James was born on 07.02.1979 in Skopje. She completed her primary and higher education in Skopje, and finished her MSc in Business Psychology at the University of East London.

As a result of witnessing the suffering of other people and the need to respond differently to her own life challenges, Jagoda was inspired to attend a variety of personal development courses, including the Event Wise Personal Development Program in 2014 (The Netherlands), Choice in 2015 (The Netherlands), The Work of Byron Katie in 2016 (Germany), Family and Business Constellations in 2016 (The Netherlands), Coaching in 2017 (The Netherlands).

Jagoda's experience in studying and working in the field of personal development changed her perception of the world and contributed to creating a more peaceful and happier life for herself.

She believes that the greatest human freedom comes from the ability to change the way we see the world around us, trusting that there is nothing more exciting than living from a place of love and personal freedom.

How Much Will it Cost me?

The first introductory session is free. This 45-minute session is an opportunity to get to know your coach before you decide to work together.

During the introductory session, you will be discussing which direction you want to work in.    

There are two possibilities to book  business coaching sessions:  

Buying a package that includes 6 sessions. We warmly recommend that you choose this option because only a series of coaching sessions can guarantee you a real change.

In addition, by buying the whole program as a package, you are receiving a discounted price and paying 250 euros, instead of the total cost of 300 euros.


​You can also choose to buy each session individually. The duration of each session is 60 minutes and cost 50 euros.  


During the booking process, please choose between these two available options


Individual Session


Package of 6 Sessions

Note: Booking and payment of sessions are done through an online system. If you encounter a problem when booking, please contact us at or on contact number +447709594093. 

If you need to cancel your session please notify us at least 24 hours in advance otherwise it will be charged the total amount.


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