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“In times of individual crisis, seems to work only one thing, and that is to turn directly towards the darkness, completely open and without prejudice, and to try to discover what is its secret purpose and what it wants from us”- Dr. Carl Jung 

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Are you focused on and worried about your future? Do your panic attacks convince you that you are dying, over and over again?

The way we are raised, the stress, uncertainty, and dynamics of the modern way of living, undoubtedly contributes to anxiety becoming a regular companion to many of us. Anxiety is a feeling of unease and fear without clear reason, manifesting itself through different unpleasant physical and mental symptoms.  

For watching "Am I anxious" video click here.

Very often, anxiety is identified with fear. However, there is a crucial difference between the fear we experience when there is a real and present danger and anxiety as a condition of experiencing unreal fears.  It is typical for people experiencing anxiety to be too focused and worried about the future. The moment anxiety reaches its peak is called a panic attack. When anxiety is challenging our everyday functioning and we experience regular panic attacks, that is a signal that we need support in overcoming the condition.

For greater flexibility and comfort, all sessions are held online, through Skype or other agreed medium.

How this program will support you?

This program is developed as a result of many years of your coach‘s personal experience with anxiety and panic attacks and her wide research and training experience on how to overcome this condition.


Over a period of 5 months, you will work directly with your coach:


  •  You will learn techniques that will support you in managing your everyday anxiety;

  •  You will be working on discovering the reasons for the appearance of anxiety in your life;

  •  You will start adopting a new thinking pattern that will provide you with peace of mind and ease in embracing life circumstances;

  •  This program will help you to embrace your own life and future with curiosity and positive excitement.

There is no magic trick that can erase anxiety and panic attacks. Overcoming them requires self-discipline and self-work.

Are you In?

Topics covered during the sessions

Learning techniques for managing everyday anxiety and panic attacks

Understanding why we experience fear is the key to healing

How to respond to the chatter voice in our heads

Resistance vs Acceptance of Reality

Learning the

"Letting Go" process

Replacing the Worry with Curiosity

Living in the NOW moment

Regaining your Inner Power

If you believe that this program might be the right support for you in overcoming your anxiety and panic attacks, you can book a free of charge introduction session. This session will allow you to meet the coach that you will be working with, and to receive more information about the program itself before you make the right decision. For more flexibility and comfort, all sessions are held online, through Skype, Viber or other agreed medium. For additional information, feel free to contact us




With Whom Will I be working?


Jasmina Risteska Kasprzykowski was born in Macedonia in 1979. She got her Masters degree in International Human Resource Management at Kingston University in London. Her personal experience with anxiety and panic attacks started in her mid-twenties and lasted for several years. You can read her Personal Story here. 

In parallel with cognitive-behavioural therapy, she started her personal research into anxiety and panic attacks, why they are appearing and how to overcome them. All this opened a whole process of personal transformation, which slowly changed her as a person and her life accordingly. In addition to self-study, she completed a number of personal development training programs in Europe and worldwide, including: Event Wise Personal Development Programme (2014), SPARKS Transformational Personal Development Programme (2016), The Work of Byron Katie (2017), Dreams Interpretation (2018), etc.

In the last few years Jasmina has been moving between her homes in London and Skopje, where she lives with her husband and works as a coach.



How much will it cost me?


The first introductory session is free of charge. This session will allow you to meet the coach that you will be working with before you decide to work together. You can make your decision about joining this program after the initial session.

There are two possible cost options available:

Buying the whole program as a package. The package consists of 6 working sessions and 3 follow up sessions. The follow-up sessions will take place on a monthly basis over a course of three months after finishing the working sessions. This option is recommended as the program is a complete process and you will benefit most only when completing the program. In addition, by buying the whole program as a package, you are receiving a discounted price and paying 350 euros, instead of the total cost of 400 euros.


You can also choose to buy each session individually. The duration of each session is between 45-60 minutes and cost 50 euros.

During the booking process, please choose between these two available options


Individual Session


Whole Program

Note: Booking and payment of sessions are done through an online system. If you encounter a problem when booking, please contact us at or on contact number +447709594093.

If you need to cancel your session please notify us at least 24 hours in advance otherwise it will be charged the total amount.





At Harmony, we aspire our programs to be available to everyone who feels they need them, including individuals who are not able to cover the costs by themselves. For this reason, on a regular basis, Harmony provides a partial or complete scholarship for a certain number of clients.  

If you think that this program is the right choice for you, and yet you are not financially able to cover the costs, we are encouraging you to fill in the scholarship application. Our team will review your application and give you feedback as soon as possible.

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