"When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you see him you will see yourself. As you treat him you will treat yourself. As you think of him you will think of yourself. Never forget this, for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself." ACIM

About Us

The page "about us" is meant to tell you all the reasons why you should work with us. But we won't tell you that you need to work with us. You have your inner guide to tell you what is best for you. Just like the quote on this page says, there are no coincidences, that is the way we approach our work and our lives. We believe that people that are meant to meet, will meet; and people that are meant to work together will work together.

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Let us tell you more about the team behind Harmony and what keep us to do the work we do.​​

Jasmina Risteska Kasprzykowski


Jagoda Risteska


Our Approach

We believe that the only way to true happiness and peace is taking 100% responsibility for what we see, feel and experience. Although blaming others or life itself for our well-being gives us temporary relief, what it actually does is make us powerless. We can change nothing or nobody outside ourselves!

When facing a life challenge the automatic response of our habitual mind is to point the finger and blame someone else. Does this really help? We have been playing this blame game for a while now, leaving us all losers. It is time to find a different way!


Taking responsibility for your own reactions and well-being gives you choice and brings your power back to you. To take 100% responsibility does not entail pointing the finger at yourself either, but to realise that there is no finger to be pointed.


There is this simple joke stating "if you ask a caterpillar if it wants to be a butterfly, it will say 'No way'." So it is with all of us. We say no way every time we want to change the reality. Change is possible but not with resistance, but with acceptance and flow. That’s why making peace with the reality you live is the beginning of every healing and every change.

On our path of self-discovery, we encountered different teachings, people and experiences that taught us a lot!


What started out as a personal quest for a meaningful and happy life, continued as a way of supporting many others, on their path of self-discovery.


The information that you will read on this platform and the programs that we offer are very intimate to us. They are an invitation to adopt a new way of life. 


We invite you to work together in order to create a life that we all deserve.



Grow and Glow through Self-discovery!



Harmony Team

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